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WOO! *does a dance*

hey ppl- I haven't updated in a day or two, so I am! *laughs* We now have 3 ppl (including moi) in the community. Chad joined, regardless of the fact I TOLD him to, I dun know him in person, therefore I've decided he counts as a random LJ person. Well, actually he DOES, seeing as how that's how I met him...Recent Posts are a wonderful thing...does that make it sound like some sort of messed up drug? Well, just for the record, I have never done drugs, yes, this is me completely un-influenced by drugs, alcohol, or anything of the sort. I know, it's amazing, but true. Anywho, still haven't changed the comment links, no clue what to make them...still. *laughs* The fact that I've hardly thought about it means NOTHING. Oh yeah, umm...community updates...that's right. *thinks* That's about all, just 3 people, no updates that weren't me, but whatever, tis only a few days old! Well, bye for now-:-D
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