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Moo and Howdy doo, folks!! Well, I joined your little community here because, well....i can!! And it looked fun. Hmm, yeah, and this week I wanna be a community joining whore. I'm not sure how that's workin' out as I am only a part of, oh, 5 communities now. I even have my own community, but there's only 2 members, and neither one of us really update it, but only because we have nobody else to talk to, I guess. Mine's for random thoughts, toooooo!!! ^_^

Anyhoo, I'm Manda, btw. *waves* Well, I guess I'm going to go now. Mayhaps I'll think of some other thing to post later. Bai Bai!!!
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Welcome Manda!!!

I'm the Mod, as you've probably deducted...

Tanky for joining! :-)
A Pleasure!!