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What Rhymes With Shake?

So Very Many Things...

Rhymes With Shake
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It all started one day when I asked my friend for a code. As I already had a LJ, she asked why. Why? Because I have a genius idea! I'm going to make a community!
Well, she gave me the code, and as you can see, I made the community.
It has no real topic, just randomness. Now, I suppose this is where I'm supposed to list the rules that will be strongly enforced to ensure a completely organized and ideal community...

1.) This is usually the "don't use foul language" rule...although, I personally know that is a fairly unlikely rule to be followed, and I dun feel like erasing a bunch of entries simply because somebody felt the need to use a cuss word. I DO request that you don't get TOO obscene though. Simple cuss words are fine, but let's avoid those comments that are seen on chat rooms who consist of "you SOB, suck my (insert body part here)!!! you A**HOLE!!!" <--- that would be an example of something I WOULD erase.

2.) This rule is usually the "stay on topic" rule. Although, as I have no topic, I also have no such rule. Post on whatever topic you wish, steering clear of those who dun fit under the rule above that is.

3.) This is often the "don't waste an entry just to say 'hi, I just joined'" rule. Well, personally I would like you to say hi after you join, and I would want to say hey if it was me, so feel free!!!

So, we've covered the rules, what else? Oh, the "you should join this community because..." section...that's right. You should join this community becaaaaause...*thinks* it's nifty!!! Yes, that was my speech. After such a thoughtful and convincing statement, how can you NOT join!?